The package system

Téléchargez le dépliant sur le forfait de Canalsanté


The package system (le forfait) ?

  • Medical consultation
  • nursing appointement
  • physiotherapy appointement.

What is the package system (le forfait) ?

  • It’s a contract signed between the patient, Canalsanté team and the insurance company.
  • As patient, you do not have to pay for your medical consultations, nursing and physiotherapy appointements anymore. Your social security contributions remain the same.
  • As health center, Canalsanté receives from the insurance companies a monthly fixed sum for each « package system registered patient ».

What does it change for you ?

  • You do not have to pay for your medical, nursing or physiotherapy appointements at Canalsanté health center anymore. Therefore, it’s free.
  • You will not be refund if you visit a health professional (nurse, physiotherapsit or general practitionner). Except with a written et prior team member’s consent. You sign a contract with Canalsanté.
  • You can get an appointement when you feel the need to. With receptive health professional, close to you, offering a steady follow-up.


From Monday to Friday During the day In need of a medical consultation, nursing or physical therapy appointement Canalsanté 02 660 30 78

Ideally, by appointment.

Elsewhere Only with a preliminary written authorization from Canalsanté Canalsanté will refund the innvoice you paid.
During the night Between 7 p.m and 8 a.m In need of a medical consultation La Garde Bruxelloise 1733

No need of an authorization

Canalsanté will refund the innvoice you paid.
Saturday, Sunday and on public holiday The entire week-end
  • Either, Canalsanté will refund the innvoice you paid.
  • Or, i twill be free and the health professionnal will send the invoice to Canalsante
You still have the choice of a specialist, hospital, dentist, pharmacy, laboratory, …. That you still pay. Your insurance company keeps refunding this kid of fees.